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CCBCC Revival Fundraiser

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09/06/17 Austin Garrett's picture Austin Garrett $50.00
09/05/17 Mike Spray's picture Mike Spray $50.00
08/22/17 Joey Chemis's picture Joey Chemis $40.00
08/24/17 Lynn Johnson's picture Lynn Johnson $40.00
08/21/17 Matt Winans's picture Matt Winans $20.00
01/25/18 Mark Renner's picture Mark Renner $20.00
08/26/17 John Freimann's picture John Freimann $20.00
08/02/18 Kenny Harvey's picture Kenny Harvey $20.00
08/21/17 Sean Sheridan's picture Sean Sheridan $20.00
08/22/17 Evan Carr's picture Evan Carr $20.00
12/08/17 Michelle Lynn Gil's picture Michelle Lynn Gil $10.00
08/23/17 Gary Bott's picture Gary Bott $10.00
08/23/17 Joseph Gleason's picture Joseph Gleason $10.00
08/21/17 Aron Velde's picture Aron Velde $10.00
08/23/17 Cathy Welsh's picture Cathy Welsh $5.00
08/22/17 Kurt Turner's picture Kurt Turner $5.00
08/24/17 Sean Sheridan's picture Sean Sheridan $5.00
08/23/17 Joshua Penrod's picture Joshua Penrod $5.00
08/23/17 Frank Sapone's picture Frank Sapone $5.00
08/23/17 Kris Poole's picture Kris Poole $5.00
08/25/17 Sean Sheridan's picture Sean Sheridan $2.00
09/05/17 Mike Kalasnik's picture Mike Kalasnik $2.00
09/01/17 Matt Unruh's picture Matt Unruh $1.00
08/23/17 robert berg's picture robert berg $1.00
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Below is only a "small sample" of reports we collected on the SURGE Movement page when all of this started; all reports are between Jan-Mar '17. Feel free to zoom in and click on each marker to read the individual report:



Our goal is to not only win back SURGE Distribution in ALL of your market units, but to be able to find the product with ease. Please put even the modest amount of effort / signage / marketing into our fluorescent emerald greatness this time. We don't expect your company to make a 10 foot display while taking on several SURGE sponsored events (like Viking Coca-Cola Bottling Co. continues to do), but to simply realize that SURGE is your most profitable avenue to success in the Citrus SSD genre. Please treat it with care and the SURGE fans will do the rest.

To conclude... The SURGE Movement, will not stand idly by as our precious soda is seized from the outlets we all worked SO HARD to bring it to. There is a reason SURGE is Coca-Cola's FIRST discontinued product to be revived (since their 1886 founding!) It's because SURGE is MUCH MORE than a soda brand. It’s a Lifestyle... a Taste of Nostalgia... the Elixir of Life... the Nectar of the Gods... and an American Dream for every ‘90s kid... and, of course, in every can is an incredible citrus taste. Otherwise, we wouldn't be here 20 years after its initial release.

If you are a SURGE consumer in this territory, we ask that you SUPPORT THIS EFFORT! Please contribute what you are able and Call / Contact CCBCC NOW!

Thank you SURGE fans, and SURGE ON!

- The SURGE Movement

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The SURGE Movement is a fan-powered community recognized for the return of SURGE, a citrus soft drink that was resurrected in 2014 and formerly available from 1997-2003. The Movement remains an integral driving force of interminable activism, focusing on the brand’s growth, success, and sustainability. Read more »

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